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Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing

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Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing
Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing Gary Collins - Bass Fishing

Gary Heads East to Fish for the First Time since 2005. . .
FLW Tour - National Guard Open - Lake Norman, NC

Moorpark, CA - 04-15-08

FLW Outdoors - FLW TourGary got the news today from FLW Outdoors that he is off the wait list and is confirmed to fish as a Co-Angler in the FLW Outdoors - FLW Tour - National Guard Open at Lake Norman, NC April 24th through April 27th.

He is scheduled to leave Southern California on Friday, April 18th and fly to North Carolina to get in four days of practice before the event begins April 24th (the 23rd is an off-limits day).

Gary is looking forward to the trip and taking his Western Techniques for a spin on Lake Norman. Gary's friend and team partner, Tony Hatten, recently moved to Huntersville, NC and was able to sample the fishery using one of the techiques that has been working extremely well in Southern California. Tony reports that the technique was extremely productive at Lake Norman the week before the lake went off-limits to National Guard Open competitors.

You can keep up with how Gary does at the FLW Tour, Lake Norman, National Guard Open via the FLW Tour section of the FLW Outdoors Web site. If you are a FLW Outdoors Member you can also watch the weigh-ins live via FLW Live starting April 24th at 3pm ET (12 noon PT).

Gary Catches New Personal Record Bass. . .
Using 3:16 Lure Co. Wake Bait Jr. at Lake Casitas

Oak View, CA - 05-20-07

It was a nice quiet foggy Sunday morning on beautiful Lake Casitas near Oak View, CA. I am just out trying out my new investment, a 3:16 Lure Company Wake Bait Jr. swimbait. I lob the bait out past the point of a tule line. I am mesmerized by the ticking of the bait as it wallows lazily past the point of the tules as I am just enjoying the tranquility of the moment, a nice respite from the rigors of tournament angling…then all of a sudden the "toilet flushes", the mesmerizing ticking is gone, my rod is trying to leap from my hands…I start to grind into the fish and sweep the rod to drive the hooks in one fluid motion as my instincts take over, my heart starts racing as the fish comes up and jumps!

OH MY GOD!!!! - IT'S HUGE!!!!

What an adrenaline rush! The fish makes a large arc around the driver's side of the boat away from the cover she came out of, my rod is loaded up and she is pulling some line, even though I have the dragged buttoned down on my 17# Sunline Defier. I have got the fish coming at the boat when the fish changes direction to get back into the trees in front of the tules. I get the trolling motor speed kicked up and the boat backing up and away from the trees and get her turned away from the cover she desires to get to. The odds are now on my side. I get her to the side of the boat and reach down to grab her but all there is a mouth full of swimbait and treble hooks and no where for me to lip her, so I feverishly reach down between the consoles to grab the handily stored net (thanks Ranger for this nice little net storage feature). I get the net over the side of the boat and in front of her head. Boing… there goes the swimbait flying over the boat… fortunately, she had no where to go but finish swimming into the net. I hit the livewell switch, placed her in the livewell, opened the other side and dropped in a cap of Rejuvenade for good measure and then just sat down on the front deck and started to shake and tremble, amazed at what just transpired. 5-10 minutes later, I have lost all track of time at this point, a couple of other boats that saw it happen came over to see her. We took some pictures and weighed her…

Here she is, my new personal best, all 13.67 pounds of her:

Gary with his new personal record largemouth bass that weighed 13.67 pounds

She was full of eggs. I released her alive and well
as I hope to see her again some day!

It turned out to be a very…very…very…very…Rewarding Day as I also got a 6.71, 6.55, and a handful of fours. My idea of Sunday Services. A very enjoyable day I shared with my Maker and Creator! Thank you Lord! Your Blessings truly overwhelm me!

Gary with a CA Delta Hawg caught on 3:16 Lure Co. Mighty Minnow Swimbait
Gary with a nice CA Delta Bass (04/27/06)
Caught on 3:16 Lure Co. Mighty Minnow Swimbait

Greg Pullen of Lake Cumberland Outdoors, GoTackle.comI would like to extend a special thank you to
Greg and Donna Pullen of
Lake Cumberland Outdoors - (606) 561-4662
in Bronston, Kentucky for all of their help and hospitality.

The Pullen's are also wonderful hosts as they invited my dad and I into their home to share Thanksgiving Dinner with their family while we were back in Kentucky picking up my boat to bring her back to the West Coast.

Greg and Donna are a true testament to Southern Hospitality!

If you have any questions, please contact.

Hope to see ya on the water.



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